The Nordic Business & Living Lab Alliance and MISTEL held a workshop on the 25th of January at this year’s Mötesplats Välfärdsteknologi och e-hälsa, in Kista, Sweden. The theme for this year’s conference was “The individual person in focus”. The visitors to MVTe are mainly managers and officials in municipal healthcare and social services in Sweden. Other attendees include politicians, operational developers, healthcare professionals and care providers, IT managers, lawyers and purchasers.

Our workshop had the title “Do you want to be part of a Nordic network for municipalities about welfare technology?”. The session centered around the question: What kind of information would you like to share and get and how – with municipalities in the Nordics?
The 15 participants, representing different municipalities in Sweden, but also other organisations like test beds and universities, took a very active part in the workshop discussing these questions.

The group could definitely agree on some issues, like for example that it is of the same importance to share, not only successful projects that have, but also projects that for some reason failed. In that way not everyone has to do the same mistakes. But there was skepticism whether organizations feel that it is ok to share the not so successful examples. The participants also agreed that it is not only the products that have been tested that are of interested. It is just as important to learn about the methods used for test or implementation. Some participants would like to share and get very specific information about certain fields but others would are more interested in an overview of what is going on around the Nordics.

What was good and not so surprising was that the information the participants would like to get conformed to the information they would like to spread and share with others. But how can the information be spread and shared?There is no easy answer to this question… One suggestion that arose was to use social media, like for example discussion groups or short movies, web pages and also webinars. A problem that was seen with these kinds of methods is the big flow of information passing by. How can we make the information searchable? Since November 2016 there is a platform for searching and sharing information with people working in municipalities and region/county councils in Sweden, called Dela digitalt. Can this platform be used within this field, when it comes to sharing information in Sweden? Is there some similar platform where information can be shared all of the Nordics?
There was also an interest in getting information via e-mails, physical meetings or study trips.

To resume the workshop we can say that there certainly exists a will to share and receive information about tests and implementation of Welfare technology among municipalities. But the difficult question still remains – how can this be done in a smooth way?

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