The best tests arise in everyday situations and in an atmosphere that inspires tests

Tha Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities has published a report about testing and piloting.
The municipality of the future is being built using experimental activities under extremely changing and complex conditions. Therefore, it is important to get information about how tests can be made in the restructuring of the municipalities’ operations. A new report examines the views and experiences of testing and piloting among the municipalities participating in the research program ARTTU2 and among other municipal actors who answered a questionnaire for the spring and early autumn of 2016. The report has been prepared in cooperation with representatives of the Local Association of Local Authorities program ”Dare to try”.

In the municipalities that participated in ARTTU2 there was a positive attitude to test activities, which is shown by that more than 80 percent of those surveyed learned about a positive attitude in their own municipality. In many municipalities, test activities were already perceived as part of their normal activities, which could be summarized by quoting one of those responding to the survey: “The best tests arise in everyday situations and in an atmosphere that inspires tests.”

The experimental culture was especially characterized by, inter alia, an open, trustworthy, spurious and creative atmosphere that encourages development. In the case of tests requiring a small amount of work, it was argued that tests were made as part of the staff’s regular work without decision making at the management level.

The tests were perceived as useful learning processes and as a good way to test different options. The most important actors and partners in the ARTTU municipalities were considered to be the city’s highest management (88%), its own employees (83%), customers who use the services (79%), elected representatives (58%) and companies (50%).

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