Stockholm Digital Care

Stockholm Digital Care is a five-year collaborative project run by Stockholm Municipality, Stockholm County Council, Huddinge Municipality, Nacka Municipality, RISE SICS AB and KSL (Kommunförbundet Stockholms Län). It is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the goal is to promote growth among SMEs in the Stockholm region that develop welfare technology for the elderly. The project shall also promote an increased quality of life among the elderly in terms of safety, independence and complicity.

A test bed is available free of charge within the project for companies that fit the description above. The purpose of the test bed is to offer SMEs the possibility to test their products to identify areas for improvement to ensure a good with fit the end users’ needs and requirements.

The end users can be nursing staff, seniors living at home or in nursing homes (living lab) and also relatives of those seniors. The testbed has access to some technical equipment such as 4G routers that can be made available free of charge during a test. The products and/or services to be tested must be at least TRL 4, meaning there is a working prototype available. Typical test parameters are technical tests (does the product work as expected?) and feedback from users on the interface and if the product is user friendly. (page in Swedish)

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