Nordic Business & Living Lab Alliance @ WHINN

The Nordic Business & Living Lab Alliance held a conference on the 5th of October at this year’s Week of Health and Innovation (WHINN) in Odense, Denmark. The conference centered around the question:  The ‘Nordics’, a great place for testing and creating new health and care solutions?

For exploring this question the Norwegian company AbleOn Medical – winner of the Nordic Independent Living Challenge – and the Finish company Peili Vision Oy both presented their experiences with developing and testing new health and care services in the Nordic countries. For giving the public side perspective, Sanna Hartman from the Department of Social Services and Health Care in the City of Helsinki, presented how they in the City of Helsinki actively seek to co-create new solutions together with companies and Kristoffer Riis presented how the living lab alliance actively seek to bridge and match the companies with unique ideas or solutions to municipalities in need of new solutions.

The conference ended with a panel debate where the question and the different viewpoints were further explored. The panel debate included Mona Truelsen, senior innovation advisor at Nordic Innovation and Dennis Søndergaard, senior advisor on welfaretechnology from the Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues, which gave their perspective of the status and possibilities for further Nordic cooperation on addressing the health- and care challenges.  The panel overall agreed that there is a strong Nordic platform for testing and creating new health and care solutions and that there are good possibilities for further cooperation between Nordic municipalities and companies. Also it was highlighted that the high level of trust and the low power distance in the Nordic culture gave a good foundation for the collaboration and test of new products in the framework of municipalities-companies and citizens.

Download presentations from the conference:

Co-creating health & care services in Helsinki by Sanna Hartman

Peili Vision testing their VR solution in Denmark by Mikko Kontio

Bridging the Nordics – Nordic business living lab alliance by Kristoffer Riis

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