MISTEL going from project to business

The test bed MISTEL started in September 2013 as a project financed by Vinnova and the City of Västerås.

The projected ended in February 2017 and from March the test bed is an ordinary business within the City of Västerås.

What does the test bed offer?
MISTEL creates meetings between innovators and experts – in this case elderly, people with disabilities and people working in municipal health and care businesses.
For example, if you want to find out if there is a need for, or if your innovation is working the way it is supposed to, you can come to MISTEL and let the innovation meet the end users. We arrange focus groups and tests – always tailored sewed to the needs of the innovator.

What kind of innovations are of interest?

Any innovation that is still under development and is aiming to contribute to continued independence and well-being among elderly and people with disabilities is welcome to the test bed. But also innovations that contribute to a good municipal care.
Right now we are extra interested in solutions solving three common problems that have been identified:

  • Compression stockings: Many people who wear compression stockings find it difficult to put them on. At the same time, it is a work environment issue for the care staff that helps the elderly dress.
  • Lifting legs onto the bed: Many elderly experience difficulties getting their legs onto the bed, when they want to lie down. This also means that many of them need help from care staff.
  • Assistive aids after a fall: In the case of a fall, many elderly need help from care staff getting up. Unfortunately the assistive aids available today are both heavy and big, which complicates the job for the care staff. We are now looking for new solutions that can be brought easily and only require one person to use.

Are you developing a solution that fits our needs? Or do you have other questions?
Please contact MISTEL, mistel@vasteras.se

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