Are you developing or producing health and care solutions? Are you interested in the Nordic markets? Do you need feedback from test-users? Do you know how to turn your product into a viable business in the Nordic markets? Do you understand the municipalities as potential customers for your solutions? Do you know the differences between municipalities in different Nordic countries?

What do we offer?

The Living Lab Alliance can:

  • Open the door to Nordic municipalities, rehabilitation centers, 1 to 1 meeting with homecare staff, test-users etc.
  • Provide advice and information on what the municipalities are looking for – what are they likely to buy (and what not)?
  • Provide advice on business development and access to market knowledge in different Nordic countries

What should you do?

Contact one of the representatives from Nordic Business & Living Lab Alliance (see contact info under Contacts)


The Nordic Business & Living Alliance is a two-year project supported by Nordic Innovation. It brings together the cities of Helsinki, Oslo, Västerås, Reykjavik and Copenhagen as well as Væksthus Hovedstadsregionen and Icelandic Federation of Industries with the common vision of creating an ecosystem for Nordic collaboration between municipalities and companies for co-creating, testing and scaling health and care products and services.