Are you a company? Please read here about participating in the Living Lab Alliance

Do you represent a municipality or living lab in one of the Nordic countries? And are you interested in being part of a Nordic network aimed at exploring, exchanging and developing knowledge, tools and methods when it comes to interacting, co-creating and testing health and care solutions together with companies? Are you interested in hearing about new innovative solutions and experiences from other municipalities when it comes to using and testing these? Are solutions within particular areas related to “independent living” interesting to you (e.g. solutions related to rehabilitation, security, dementia, administrering medication, combatting loneliness etc.)?  If you can answer yes to some of these questions and would like to hear more about the work we do in the Living Lab Alliance do write to Kristoffer Riis from Væksthus Hovedstadsregionen (

In the Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance we organize local and Nordic meetings, participate at conferences, provide active search and matchmaking between municipalities needs and companies with solutions and gather, dissemination and discuss knowledge, tools and method on the webpage related to “living labs”. How you want to participate is up to you but we hope that you – together with the other members of the living lab alliance – are interested in exploring and developing the concept and network of Nordic “living labs”.

The Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance is organized around a steering group which consists of representatives from all Nordic countries. The group is lead by Væksthus Hovedstadsregionen which is a public Danish business service provider having worked several years with facilitating the collaboration between companies and municipalities for co-creating and testing new health and care solutions. The other Nordic countries are represented by Oslo kommune, Forum Virium Helsinki, Icelandic Federation of Industries and MISTEL, a living lab under Västerås municipality. The group meets quarterly for steering group meetings and also have regular Skype-meetings.

The cities of Copenhagen, Reykjavik and Helsinki are also participants in the living lab alliance.