About the City of Oslo

Who are we?

Oslo municipality’s vision is “Oslo 2030 – smart, safe and green”. As today’s way of delivering services is not sustainable technology and innovation in service development are necessary initiatives in the years ahead. We want future services to be developed together with the citizens and users. They should have a greater influence over their own life, freedom of choice and a variety of offers.

Our living lab “Behovsarena Oslo” will be part of the test facilities at Testarena Aker, Oslo. The aim of Behovsarena Oslo is to include the citizens and users into the innovation process when developing new products and services – uncovering the needs of Oslo’s inhabitants as well as improvement opportunities for existing products/services.

How do we work?

To reach this goal, we must think future-oriented and facilitate different ways of delivering services. We want to become leading in Norway on developing services by understanding user needs and adopting welfare technology.

Oslo municipality’s aim is that everyone can live in their own homes as long as they wish and it is possible. Increased mastery of everyday life, improved quality of life and greater security are focus areas of our community preventive services. One part of this work is to put welfare technology solutions into use for support in addition to the executive health services.

As a member of the Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance we want to ensure that citizens find their needs included in the basis for the development of services and that the quality is evaluated from their perspective. As such, we are including them into the innovation process – being a partner for the private sector who knows the needs of their citizens.


What do we want to gain from Living Lab Alliance

  • Be part of a knowledgeable Nordic network of living labs
  • Find out about new innovative solutions and experiences from other municipalities with welfare technology
  • Gain knowledge about tools and methods of testing in order to standardize the testing process when co-creating and testing new health and care solutions
  • Develop and organize living lab activities in Oslo

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