Co-creation Toolbox

The co-creation toolbox visualizes examples of how Nordic municipalities, companies and citizens co-create new solutions for independent living. The toolbox caters to public stakeholders involved in identifying and procuring new solutions in health and care. It is an inspirational tool for municipalities and regions that provides examples of various activities and methods to establish cooperation

Guide to the Nordics

The Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance partners published “Guide to the Nordics” it provides an overview of the health and care sectors in the five Nordic countries along with tools and methods for companies and municipalities for co-creating and testing health and care solutions. The guide has been put together by the Nordic Business

Solving tomorrow’s health and care challenges together

Norwegian Minister Bent Høie encouraged increased Nordic cooperation as test facilities and companies met in Oslo to discuss opportunities for collaboration. About 150 participants showed up at Oslo Science Park 8 November to participate in the Developing Tomorrow’s Solutions in Nordic Test Facilities conference. The conference was hosted by Nordic Innovation and leading actors within

Stockholm Digital Care

Stockholm Digital Care is a five-year collaborative project run by Stockholm Municipality, Stockholm County Council, Huddinge Municipality, Nacka Municipality, RISE SICS AB and KSL (Kommunförbundet Stockholms Län). It is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the goal is to promote growth among SMEs in the Stockholm region that develop welfare technology for the – a Norwegian toolbox for municipalities

Samveis is a free collection of tools and practical methodologies for municipalities that want to change or adjust today’s public services to fit the future. The Roadmap for service innovation is a tool that supports processes of developing better services for the citizens of your community. The roadmap covers the complete innovation processes from A

MISTEL going from project to business

The test bed MISTEL started in September 2013 as a project financed by Vinnova and the City of Västerås. The projected ended in February 2017 and from March the test bed is an ordinary business within the City of Västerås. What does the test bed offer? MISTEL creates meetings between innovators and experts – in