Co-creation Toolbox

The co-creation toolbox visualizes examples of how Nordic municipalities, companies and citizens co-create new solutions for independent living. The toolbox caters to public stakeholders involved in identifying and procuring new solutions in health and care. It is an inspirational tool for municipalities and regions that provides examples of various activities and methods to establish cooperation

Testausprosessi – ei toimi

 DEFINITION PHASE – Understand needs, idea development DESING PHASE – Business development, use and experience development, technical developmen Lorem ipsum This phase starts when the strategic desire for innovation and development is clear.This phase starts when there is a general conceptual understanding what a solution could be.Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsumLorem ipsumLorem ipsumLorem ipsum

Nordic Living Labs

Nordic Living Labs One target of this project is to collect a strong network of Nordic living labs specialized to health and wellbeing as well as elderly people.The project is also focused on creating a network of municipalities and Living labs to solve challenges of independent living. This map consist partners of the project but also other living

About Forum Virium Helsinki

Who we are? Forum Virium Helsinki is an innovation unit within the Helsinki City Group. We develop new digital services and urban innovations in cooperation with companies, the City of Helsinki, other public sector organizations, and Helsinki residents.  Forum Virium Helsinki builds bridges between the public and the private sector. Our development projects are based

About the City of Oslo

Who are we? Oslo municipality’s vision is “Oslo 2030 – smart, safe and green”. As today’s way of delivering services is not sustainable technology and innovation in service development are necessary initiatives in the years ahead. We want future services to be developed together with the citizens and users. They should have a greater influence

About Væksthuset

Who are we? Vaeksthus Copenhagen is the project leader of the Living Lab Alliance. We are a public business service provider situated in Copenhagen. We offer guidance to startups and businesses with ambitions towards growth and reaching new heights of success. Since 2008 we have had projects focused on the possibilities of growth within the health- and care sectors

About MISTEL – a test bed

Who are we? MISTEL is a three-year project run by the City of Västerås. The aim of the project is to establish MISTEL as a centre of excellence for innovations that contribute to the independence and well-being of the elderly and people with disabilities, and also innovations that contribute to the municipally funded health and


The Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance was organized by a project funded by Nordic Innovation with partners from all Nordic countries. The group was led by Væksthus Hovedstadsregionen which is a public Danish business service provider having worked several years with facilitating the collaboration between companies and municipalities for co-creating and testing new health