Nordic Living Labs

One target of this project is to collect a strong network of Nordic living labs specialized to health and wellbeing as well as elderly people.The project is also focused on creating a network of municipalities and Living labs to solve challenges of independent living.

This map consist partners of the project but also other living labs operating in this field. The project is more than happy to add new or missing living labs to the map. Also municipalities interested in to join to the network are welcome to contact us by email (info (at ) or meet us in various events.


Different kind  of Living Labs in Nordic

The definition and execution of living lab variates and it’s depends e.g. what kind of needs or purposes living lab has. Here are some examples from project network. Good case studies and examples are always welcome.

MISTEL, in Västerås Sweden

The testbed is an arena for meetings between innovators and future users of their innovations. The three-year project was launched in September 2013. In March 2017 MISTEL went from project to a business within the City of Västerås.
MISTEL offers innovators a range of services, depending on the innovation and where it is in the development process, with testing by end-users as a core element. The tests take place almost entirely in real environments, that is, in the homes of elderly and disabled people and in sheltered housing. MISTEL also offers the innovators a special test apartment.
The testbed is open to all types of innovations – products, services, methods and means of organisation. In addition to innovations in elderly care, MISTEL is also open to innovations for elderly and disabled people who are not dependent on health and personal care.
MISTEL is run with a large network of partners, ranging from companies that are focused on development, business support organisations and universities to care providers and organisations for the retired.
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Living Lab Strandvejen, Copenhagen Denmark

Living Lab Strandvejen is part of the rehabilitation center and activity center in Copenhagen, Østerbro. The aim with Living Lab Strandvejen is to develop and test welfare technology in cooperation with elderly citizens, employees, companies and research institutions. Together we will develop the best welfare technological solutions so that in the future we can provide better health and care for the people of Copenhagen.
Copenhagen Municipality are interested in finding new technologies that can provide empowerment to elderly in Copenhagen – especially those with chronic diseases and in need rehabilitation. Copenhagen are also interested in finding new technologies that support employees to give the elderly the best possible rehabilitation, training and motivation.
The goal of the Living Lab Strandvejen is to find new workable solutions that can be disseminated and lift health and welfare in Copenhagen.
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Living Lab Oslo, Oslo Norway

The aim for the Living Lab in Oslo is to facilitate co-creation processes with users and their families, employees and companies. By doing this they want to become leading in Norway on developing services by understanding user needs and adopting welfare technology through our living lab-methodology. Increased mastery of everyday life, improved quality of life and greater security are focus areas of the community preventive services and the living lab supports Oslo municipality to reach their goals within these areas.