About Væksthuset

Who are we?

Vaeksthus Copenhagen is the project leader of the Living Lab Alliance. We are a public business service provider situated in Copenhagen. We offer guidance to startups and businesses with ambitions towards growth and reaching new heights of successSince 2008 we have had projects focused on the possibilities of growth within the health- and care sectors through cooperation between public institutions, mainly municipalities and companies. In these projects we have explored the potentials of user-driven innovation where companies have developed ideas and solutions through collaboration with e.g. elderly people, students, nursing home staff and through larger public-private innovation projects where we have also looked at the framework and processes of these. More info on Vaeksthus Copenhagen can be found here

How do we work?

The target group for Vaeksthus Copenhagen is startups and businesses, who wish to enter new international markets, develop new products and increase profit. Vaeksthus Copenhagen identifies the business’ need for development and offers targeted counseling on the next steps of development. Vaeksthus Copenhagen’s services are free of charge. We are mainly working with companies doing 1:1 coaching but this is often supplemented by matchmaking activities where we use our extensive knowledge of the private and public institutions which can assist companies. However, when it comes to municipal markets and to the areas of living labs and public-private  innovation, we also work extensively with the public side. This can for instance be through workshops and dialogue with municipalities on how they might develop and organize living lab activities and how they might interact with companies in a fruitful way – both for them and for the companies.

What do we want to gain from the Living Lab Alliance?

We have two main goals on our involvement in the Living Lab Alliance:

  • Being part of a Nordic network.  We see this as a great offering for the companies that we work with. Through the Nordic Living Lab Alliance we gain access to market knowledge and understanding as well as a network through which we might match good companies with great solutions to Nordic municipalities with matching needs.
  • By working with municipalities and living labs from all the Nordic countries we can gather best practices – tools, methods etc. – when it comes to the interaction between the public and private side. We see this work – and the Living Lab Alliance – as a great way of moving the field forward and in creating a more professional, Nordic way of working together on developing and testing health- and care solutions. We see this as part of a movement towards a Nordic ecosystem where great health- and care solutions are disseminated, scaled-up and exported.

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