About MISTEL – a test bed

Who are we?

MISTEL is a three-year project run by the City of Västerås. The aim of the project is to establish MISTEL as a centre of excellence for innovations that contribute to the independence and well-being of the elderly and people with disabilities, and also innovations that contribute to the municipally funded health and personal care services. MISTEL will make it possible to develop these innovations for commercial success in a faster and more organised way by:

  • Offering services throughout the entire innovation process
  • Involving end-users
  • Offering testing of products in real-life situations
  • Having co-operation partners

How do we work?

The testbed is an arena for meetings between innovators and future users of their innovations.

MISTEL offers innovators a range of services, depending on the innovation and where it is in the development process, with testing by end-users as a core element. The tests take place almost entirely in real environments, that is, in the homes of elderly and disabled people and in sheltered housing. MISTEL also offers the innovators a special test apartment.

The testbed will be open to all types of innovations – products, services, methods and means of organisation. In addition to innovations in elderly care, MISTEL is also open to innovations for elderly and disabled people who are not dependent on health and personal care.

What do we want to gain from Living Lab Alliance? 

Through this network MISTEL can offer the innovators we meet a larger business market. The Nordic market feels quite similar to the Swedish and therefore it feels appropriate to participate in a Nordic cooperation.

It feels professional for us to be able to guide the innovators and to have established contacts in the participating countries, both in terms of business supporting organizations but also other test beds and Living Labs.

Furthermore, through the network we learn about new solutions from other countries that can be useful in Swedish social and health care.

//Elisabeth Kjellin and Karin Hedberg, project managers of MISTEL


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