A Guide to the Nordics

The Living Lab Alliance wants to increase the opportunities for companies in scaling up and getting their good, innovative solutions out in other Nordic countries. This will, we believe, make for even better solutions – for the benefit of Nordic municipalities and citizens – and will also create growth in the companies so that they might export their solutions outside the Nordic countries. Towards this end we have undertaken the development of a Guide to the Nordics on the health and care sector.

In this guide we will describe the differences and similarities between the Nordic countries when it comes to the health and care sector. For instance how each country is organized in terms of municipalities, counties, regions etc. and how the division of responsibility is between the various actors. We see that we are similar on an overall level – but that there are also significant differences; differences that are very relevant when you, as a company, are aiming to enter your products into a new market. We will also be providing advices for how to adress the municipal market and the market for health and care solutions. The standard approach for selling and showcasing your products might be one way in Sweden – and another in Finland. Finally we will present case stories from companies that have succeeded in “going Nordic”. How did they do this? What was their approach? How was their strategy and business model and did they have to change this when entering into new countries, new markets?

For supplementing the guide we will be making an appendix with 3-4 for each Nordic country with regards to municipalities and health and care solutions – how is that particular country organized, how is responsibilities divided between primary and secondary care, what are interesting fairs, clusters and organizations that can assist you when you want to enter into the market etc.

The Guide is expected to be finished in Q3, 2017. If you want to co-create it with us you are more than welcome to contact us. It might be that you have suggestions for companies that could be an interesting case story for the guide, it might be that you have input for a particular country or ideas for content that we have not thought about. Or it might be that you just want to see an early draft – we’ll be happy to send it to you.

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