Kickoff for the Living Lab Alliance

2015 saw the successful launch of the Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance. The partners initiating the living lab alliance represents both municipalities, living labs as well as business service providers. Fruitful discussions took place on our first meeting and kickoff in Helsinki and we agree on overall visions and goals on working towards

  • A Nordic ecosystem for health innovation
  • Creating a strong network between Nordic municipalities and living labs
  • Working on gathering, developing and disseminating a Nordic best practice “toolbox” on living labs
  • Creating a working model on how companies can profit from cooperating with living labs and test beds in municipalities

We believe that the exchange of knowledge between Nordic actors will add value to each actor and help to establish a Nordic ecosystem for innovation of health and care solutions. We also believe that this is best done via an ongoing interaction and co-creation between the private and the public sector. Fruitful collaboration will result in better solutions for the benefit of Nordic citizens, municipalities, companies and society as a whole.

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