Get an overview of welfare technologies in Danish municipalities

On the Welfare Technology Map (link below) you can get an overview of more than 700 projects and implemented solutions within health and welfare technology in Denmark. On the map, you can for example search for a specific technology group and get information about the projects in terms of the number of affected citizens, employees and devices.

The Welfare Technology Map was developed by the Danish organization for municipalities, KL, as part of the objective to facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange of experience between Danish municipalities. The map is intended to contribute to a comprehensive and systematic overview of the projects launched and of implemented welfare technology solutions in the Danish municipalities. The map is also an opportunity to make it easier to share the experience that already exists around the municipalities. Since KL launched the map first time back in 2014, there has been an overwhelming interest in using the map. This has meant that the map has now been relaunched in a new improved version with updates on several points. Among other things, the map has been given a graphic boost, it has become more intuitive and easy to use, and the search function has been optimized. The most significant change in the new, relaunched, version is though, that it is now accessible to everyone and no longer requires a login.


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